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Our Flag Spain 2023

Long live Spain and long live the Spanish flag !

There are those who want to despise our national flag, charging it with political symbols, with facts not related to it. But our Spain flag is alien to all this, and should be loved as a symbol.

But the fact is that the Spanish Flag was adopted as such in the Spanish national pavilion in 1785. So it has nothing to do with later events, such as the Second Republic (1931-1939) and Francoism.

The flag of Spain is a symbol of pride and tradition for all Spaniards. With a rich history and unique design, this flag is recognized around the world.

The Spanish flag is known as the "Rojigualda" and is made up of three equally sized horizontal stripes, red and yellow. The design dates back to the 15th century, when it was used as a naval ensign. In 1981, it became the official flag of Spain.

The flag of Spain also includes the country's coat of arms in the center. This shield includes several symbolic elements, including the fleur de lis, which represents royalty, and the Pillars of Hercules with a ribbon that has the inscription "PLUS ULTRA" which means "beyond" or "beyond the limits", in allusion to the idea of ā€‹ā€‹overcoming existing limits.

La Rojigualda, is the popular denomination of the Spanish flag, which is made up of three horizontal stripes, red and yellow, and is the official flag of the Spanish State. Its use has been going on since 1981, and it is used in official ceremonies, military parades, in Spanish embassies, and on Spanish Navy ships.

In short, the flag of Spain is a symbol of pride and tradition, with a rich history and a unique design. With its coat of arms and the rojigualda, it is a flag that is recognized throughout the world. If you are looking for a way to show your love for Spain, consider purchasing one of our Spain flag products.

How is the Spanish flag?

The Spanish flag is made up of three horizontal stripes, with the colors red, yellow and red. The yellow stripe is twice as wide as the red stripes, as indicated in article 4.1 of the Spanish Constitution.

The Spanish Flag can incorporate the Spanish Coat of Arms, but its incorporation is only mandatory in cases provided for by regulation.

Does the Spanish Flag have a Shield?

There really is no constitutional shield, since the constitutional flag does not have a shield, and the Shield does not appear in the Constitution, but in Law 39/1981 of October 28, 1981, which is subsequent to the Constitution.

What is the rojigualda?

The Spanish flag is known as the rojigualda because of its colors.

The colors of the Spanish Flag are specified in Royal Decree 441/1981, of February 27, where they are technically specified, and in accordance with the reports prepared by the Military Standardization Service, in collaboration with the Institute for Rationalization and Standardization ( IRANOR).

History of the Spanish Flag

The first national flags of Spain could be said to have been from the 16th century, for Juana I of Castilla and Felipe el Hermoso.

Although it is true that the Roman Legionnaires used the first insignia in Roman Hispania, and the Visigoths also used rigid banners, the truth is that it was after the Islamic invasion when light fabric flags appeared, which had their origin in the East, and It spread to Europe with the Muslims and the Crusaders.

And it was then, during the 16th century, when a common element was introduced in the Spanish flags of the time, our beloved and admired Cross of Burgundy. Our Cross of Burgundy underwent transformations with each king, changing the white background to yellow, but it became the quintessential vexillological symbol of our nation, Spain.

With the house of Bourbon, with Felipe V, the flag was modified, placing the royal arms on the white, typical of the Bourbons, and also used in the 18th century. For this reason, Carlos III decided to change the national flag of Spain to differentiate himself from other nations.

Thus, in the Royal Decree of May 28, 1785, the current design of the Spanish Flag arose, and a General Ordinance was promulgated, in treaty IV, title I:

"To avoid the inconveniences and damages that experience has shown can cause the National Flag used by my Naval Navy and other Spanish Vessels, making mistakes at long distances or with calm winds with those of other Nations, I have resolved that from now on they use my Flag warships divided along three lists, of which the upper and lower ones are red and each one of the width of a quarter of the total, and the one in the middle, yellow, placing on it the Coat of Arms of my Reales Arms, reduced to the two quarters of Castilla y LeĆ³n, with the Royal Crown on top, and the Pennant in the same three lists and the Shield along, on a yellow Square at the top, and that the other Vessels use, without Shield , the same colors, the list in the middle being yellow and the width of the third part of the flag, and each of the parts divided into two equal parts red and yellow alternately, all in accordance with the attached design. It may not be used from other Pavilions in the North Seas for the respective Europe up to the parallel of Tenerife in the Ocean, and in the Mediterranean from the first of the year of one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six; in North America from the beginning of the following July; and in the other Seas since the first of the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven. You will have understood it for its fulfillment."
Indicated by the hand of HM In Aranjuez, on May twenty-eighth, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-five.

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