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The Shield of Spain

The Shield of Spain is the heraldic symbol that represents our nation, Spain, and is governed by Law 33/1981, sanctioned on October 5.

The Spain Shield is an institutional symbol, which is regulated and used by the Government of Spain and related institutions.

What is the Spanish Shield like?

The Spanish Coat of Arms bears an azur or blue escutcheon, three gold lises set, two and one, the smooth border of gulos or red, typical of the reigning dynasty, Bourbon-Anjou.

The Spain Shield is quartered and pointed. In the first barracks, gules or red, a castle of gold, crenellated, clarified in azure or blue and masoned in sable or black. In the second, silver, a rampant lion, purple, tongued, clawed, armed with gules and crowned with gold. In the third, gold, four sticks, gules or red. In the fourth, gules or red, a gold chain, placed in a cross, saltire and border, charged in the center of an emerald of its color. Entado of silver, a natural pomegranate, cracked gules or red, carved and leafed with two sinople or green leaves.

Accompanied by two silver columns, with a gold base and capital, on waves of azure or blue and silver, the right hand surmounted by an imperial crown, and the left a royal crown, both of gold, and surrounding the columns a ribbon of gules or red, loaded with gold letters, on the right "Plus" and on the left "Ultra", (from the Latin Plus Ultra, Beyond). At the bell, a closed Royal Crown, which is a gold circle, set with precious stones, composed of eight acanthus leaf finials, five visible, interpolated with pearls and from whose leaves come out diadems added to pearls, which converge in the world of azure and blue, with the semimeridian and the square in gold, added to a gold cross. The crown covered of gules or red.

History of the Spain Shield

The Spanish Shield is regulated by Law 33/1981, of October 5, and by Royal Decree 2964/1981, of December 18, which also specifies the position of the shield on the Spanish Flag.

Use of the Coat of Arms of Spain

In Article 2.2 of Law 39/1982 of October 28, 1981, it is indicated that "the coat of arms of Spain may be incorporated in the yellow stripe, in the manner indicated by regulation."

The Shield must have a height of two fifths of the width of the flag, and must appear on both sides of the Spanish Flag, in the center of the yellow stripe.

When the Spanish Flag has the normal proportion, the length equal to 3/2 of the width, the axis of the shield will be placed at a distance from the sheath of half the width of the flag. If the length is less than normal or the flag is square in shape, the Spanish Shield will be placed in the center of the Spanish Flag.

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