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Trendy bags in 2022

In women's styling, the bag is not only a complement in which to store our belongings, but it is a key piece for a total look.

The bag brings elegance, style and label, all depending on the color, material, texture and design. A good choice of the model will make your outfit a total success or go unnoticed. And it is that the classic concept of the bucket bag has evolved and is currently combined with all kinds of textures and materials.

The bucket bag is ideal for all occasions, depending on the fabric and color it will be adaptable to all kinds of looks.

The diamond bucket bag, the white or black channel bucket bag, are ideal for your date night, due to their size and color.

The pink cloak bag or the pumpkin channel bucket bag will give color to your outfit, in spring, autumn and winter.

The La Flamenca de Borgoña bucket bags are bags of an ideal size for any occasion. They are semi-rigid as they are made of tweed channel fabric, leather or cape fabric. And its chain allows it to be worn over the shoulder, in a crossbody style, or put the chain in a double position to carry it hanging from the arm or in the hand.

Spain bag

How important is the production and the raw material of the bags, that is why at La Flamenca de Borgoña we only produce our bags in Spain, with top quality materials, and by the hand of one of the best current artisans.

Discover the wide variety of bomber bags and buy yours before your favorite color runs out.

You will mark style and you will be the center of attention of all eyes

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