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New collection of bags 2022

La Flamenca de Borgoña launches its new collection of bags this season with a wide variety of styles, materials and colors.

The current crisis situation has not stopped the creativity and desire to innovate of its director and designer , Patricia Muñoz , thus expanding the great catalog of more than 2,000 products offered in its online store with this new collection of handbags.

Among the new bag designs, two models stand out. The main one and which is an international trend, the bucket bag , the current fetish of influencers and royals around the world. And secondly, the handbag with a triple-position peaked flap in glitter with a matching mask.

Influencer bags 2022

And it is that the bag is an essential basic for day to day, and for this reason La Flamenca de Borgoña has created a whole collection to combine with different looks, from the most casual outfit to the party one. Because the bag can be the key piece that makes you shine, providing color and style.

The collection of La Flamenca de Borgoña bucket bags is made up of various models in navy blue leather, in multicolored glitter fabric and in the exclusive pink cloak fabric, with silver ring handles. And the second collection in 6 different colors of Chanel-type tweed fabric with velvety bow closure. All bucket bags are complemented by a chain that offers the option to convert the bag into a crossbody, shoulder bag or clutch.

For its part, the triple position peak flap handbag is a leather handbag combined with shiny fabric to be the center of attention at any event. It offers three positions, a handbag, a shoulder bag thanks to its removable chain, and a fanny pack, since it incorporates two loops on the back for the matching leather belt that it incorporates. In addition, they have their matching shine mask, made on the inside of TNT filtering fabric and with a pocket to include an additional filter.

Within the new collection of La Flamenca de Borgoña bags we also find the classic shoulder tote bag in piqué fabric combined with leather details, and the Spanish flag, available in red, navy blue, camel or green.

The Bowling Bag has also been launched, another classic for everyday use in pique fabric combined with leather. The perfect bag for any occasion, with the perfect size and unmistakable style.

As well as several models of handbags with handles and chains, also in piqué and leather fabric. Versatility in its use is one of the main objectives in its design, being able to look like handbags, shoulder bags with its chain, or in the case of bags with peak flaps with the option of a fanny pack when wearing a removable belt. All models are available in various colors.

Each piece is made individually , by hand and taking care of all the details, with the greatest care and using top quality and, above all, national materials. Being products produced 100% in Spain , La Flamenca de Borgoña collaborates with the Spanish economy, without diverting production to other countries. They offer high quality products, with their own design and national clothing , since at this time it is necessary to promote, consume and defend the Spanish product.

All the bags display the logo of the brand on a frontal plate, with the Cross of Burgundy , making the history of Spain present in this Spanish fashion brand, and crossing continents, since La Flamenca de Borgoña increasingly goes further and the Bags are already arriving in Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina, as we remember that the Cross of Burgundy is still worn today in the 1st Infantry Regiment <<Patricios>> of the Argentine Army since the beginning of the 19th century. Likewise, the bags are also arriving in the US, especially in New York and Miami, where the Cross of Burgundy still flies.

The Spain brand continues to succeed inside and outside the national territory, as a prestigious, category and top-level brand, and La Flamenca de Borgoña continues to innovate in its unique, striking and original style, with the aim that Spaniards wear the colors of the national flag with pride, but also with style, comfort and quality.

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