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The best Sales of Summer 2023

The sales season begins!!!

Now is the time to think of you to treat yourself. We have just finished with some dates that have surely hurt your pocket and for this reason, from La Flamenca De BorgoƱa we want to bring your favorite product with the Spanish flag to your home with some great discounts. You already know that in our online store you will find the best offers.

Did the Kings get their gifts right? Do you have everything you need for the summer? I'm sure they didn't behave badly... but hit it, hit it completely, and you missed something. Do not worry, take a tour of our online store and be surprised by the best prices of our products with the Spanish Flag.

Opportunities are there to be taken advantage of, and these Sales are a magnificent unique opportunity to buy a late gift, for your loved ones, or for whatever you want, because surely someone has a birthday near you and if you want to spend little money, surely for less From ā‚¬10 you will find details that will make you look luxurious, such as our Spanish Flag bracelets and key rings with the Spanish flag, a basic for all Spaniards.

Without forgetting the classic shirt with the Spanish flag that is always a sure hit, or the Spanish polo shirts that fit well all year round, as well as the Ubrique leather wallets, belts and purses, all 100% Spanish production.

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