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Blanket Flag of Spain 2023

There are pleasures in life so easy to achieve...

You've had a hard day, a difficult week, a nightmare month or the year has been complicated... don't hesitate and take a break or as the ad said have a kit kat hahahahaha. You deserve to rest and disconnect.

Find your favorite corner of the sofa, a blanket and a movie or a good book, we leave that to your liking with a glass of wine or a glass of water, as you prefer, but in the warmth of our polar flag blankets. With that layer of hair that creates a warmth and softness that one cannot resist.

As I said at the beginning, we have to enjoy the simplest pleasures that life gives us and our patriotic fleece blanket will be the best company for those sweet moments of disconnection.

As expected, the blankets dedicated to our security forces have been the star gift this Christmas.

We have been expanding the models as you have requested, we already have more than 15 different blankets, with blankets from the Civil Guard, National Police, Local Police, Army, Legion, Land Infantry, Marine Infantry, Bripac, Mossos, Ertzaintza, etc. .

Proud to produce in Spain and with the colors of our country. In addition, the blankets are available in different sizes, so that it is perfect for every occasion:

  • 70x120cm
  • 150x100cm
  • 150x200cm
  • 150x230cm

For those of you who haven't seen them, don't take long to come in and take a look, if you don't want to run out of them, don't hesitate and ask for yours. We still have very cool days to enjoy their warmth and texture.

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