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The best Legion Bracelets in 2023

The Spanish Legion Bracelet is an ideal bracelet for all Spanish Legionnaires, as well as for their relatives. This way, they will be able to feel close and proud of him while he is away from home.

Likewise, the Legion Bracelet is also perfect for future Spanish legionnaires who dream of one day wearing their uniform, as well as for all those Spaniards who love and respect this great body with so much history.

Brief History of the Spanish Legion

The founder of the Spanish Legion was the Infantry Commander JosƩ MillƔn-Astray, during the conflict with the Rifens in North Africa, in 1920.

The Spanish Legion is a military force with more than 100 years, and is part of the Spanish Army.

The shield of the Spanish Legion

The shield of the Spanish Legion is one of the most recognizable and characteristic elements of this historic elite military corps.

The Legion's coat of arms was created by Infantry Captain Justo Pardo IbƔƱez, and in 1923 he became official.

The elements that are part of the Shield of the Spanish Legion are the crossbow, the arquebus and the halberd crossed over the Royal Crown, and could be seen for the first time in Legislative Collection No. 532 of 1923.

Legion Bracelets

At La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we have a wide variety of Spanish Legion bracelets, with different styles and materials.

You can buy the Legion Bracelet or bracelets that most identify you, because sometimes one is not enough, and we like to combine them.

We have this variety of Legion Bracelet:

Buy now your Legion Bracelet:

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