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Pulsera Guardia Civil La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Bandera de EspaƱa, Cruz de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

All Civil Guard Bracelets 2023

Welcome to our Spanish Civil Guard bracelets store. These bracelets are more than just accessories, they are a symbol of love and loyalty towards our country and towards those who dedicate their lives to protect us.

Each bracelet is carefully designed with the flag of Spain and the shield of the benemƩrita, symbolizing pride and respect for our history and traditions. Every detail, from the vibrant colors to the smooth texture of the leather, has been carefully selected to give you a unique experience when wearing this bracelet.

We offer a wide variety of materials to choose from, from high-quality leather bracelets perfect for a special occasion, to elastic and fabric bracelets ideal for everyday wear. Whether you prefer a classy and sophisticated bracelet or a more casual and sporty one, we have something for everyone.

But what really makes these bracelets special is the meaning behind them. Every time you wear this bracelet, you will feel an emotional bond with the Spanish Civil Guard and their hard work protecting and serving our nation. It is a way to show your support and gratitude towards them, and to always remember those who have given their lives to protect us.

In addition, all our products are of high quality and durability. We know that a bracelet is an accessory that is worn every day, so we make sure that everything we sell is of the highest quality. So you can wear your Guardia Civil bracelet with pride for years to come!

And don't worry if you're a man or a woman! We have a wide variety of products for both genders. There is something for everyone!

But don't just take it for us, come and take a look at our collection! We assure you that you will not only find a beautiful accessory, but also a piece full of meaning and emotion. Also, we have special promotions and discounts constantly! Don't miss the opportunity to wear the best Spanish style with our Civil Guard bracelets!

Thank you for choosing our store! We hope to see you soon!

All Civil Guard bracelets

At La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we have all the Guardia Civil bracelet models, in different materials, such as leather, embroidered fabric, paracord and elastic.

The Civil Guard Bracelet is a highly requested bracelet, not only by members of the Civil Guard corps, but also by Opponents, family members of the members, or simply citizens who support and love this police force, and want to wear the Civil Guard bracelet. to show your respect and pride.

The best Civil Guard Bracelet

It is difficult to answer this question in a general way, since it depends a lot on the particular taste of each person, their lifestyle, whether they want the bracelet for daily use or for special occasions.

We have a Civil Guard bracelet with the characteristic green color in fabric and paracord. Also Civil Guard bracelet with the shield, in fabric, elastic, paracord and leather. And you cannot miss the Virgen del Pilar, patron saint of the Civil Guard.

  • Civil Guard bracelet with the characteristic green color
  • Civil Guard Bracelet with Spanish Flag
  • Civil Guard bracelet with the shield
  • Civil Guard bracelet with the Virgen del Pilar
  • Civil Guard fabric bracelet
  • Elastic Civil Guard Bracelet
  • Civil Guard paracord bracelet
  • Ubrique Leather Civil Guard Bracelet

Choose the Civil Guard bracelet that best suits you.

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