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Four interview with Patricia MuƱoz 2022

Our director of La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, has been in the news after appearing on the controversial Cuatro program "Todo es Mentira".

The Risto Mejido program, now presented by Marta Flich, interviewed Patricia MuƱoz to find out her opinion on the government's energy measures.

Patricia MuƱoz criticized the government for passing the problem on to citizens and businesses, instead of developing an energy plan with the aim of making our nation self-sufficient, extending the useful life of nuclear power plants, stopping dismantling thermal power plants, and taking advantage of the natural resources in hydrocarbons, gas and oil, which Spain has available, and which cannot be used since the government prohibited it.

Patricia MuƱoz exposed the presenter Marta Flich when she asked "is there oil in Spain?", and Patricia replied "Yes, there is oil." To which another commentator said "you have many exclusives to work in the textile sector." Thus trying to make fun of Patricia. But what became clear is that our director has much more knowledge and knowing how to be than these pseudo journalists, whom she totally ridiculed with few words.

Later, they were shocked to learn that Patricia MuƱoz had been a VOX candidate in Sabadell in 2019. But whose fault is it? Well, clearly from the journalists, who must find out who they invite, and have all the information prior to the interview.

Patricia MuƱoz is not simply a businesswoman in the textile sector, in addition to being a VOX candidate in 2019, she has studies in politics and is a person who likes to be informed and critical of the information offered by the media.

What became clear is that the pseudo-journalists tried to corner her, but Patricia MuƱoz emerged victorious, both by providing information with verified data, by her knowledge and education, and by not losing her composure at any time, just as the others did. .

A round of applause for our director of whom we are very proud.

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