El torero Manzanares recoge el Estoque de Plata y el Capote de Paseo La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Bandera de EspaƱa, Cruz de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

Manzanares collects the Estoque de Plata and the Capote de Paseo for the best performance at the 2019 bullfighting fair

The bullfighter JosƩ Marƭa Dolls Samper, also known as JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares, is the son of the Spanish bullfighter known by the same name. Born in Alicante on January 3, 1982, he made his public debut on April 29, 2001, and with picadores in Nimes (France) on Ferrero 22, 2002 in a lineup completed with David Luguillano and Juan Bautista with steers from Victoriano del Rƭo .

Likewise, he debuted in the Las Ventas bullring (Madrid) on June 15, 2003, sharing the bill with JosƩ Manuel Prieto and Luis Bolƭvar, and with steers from Los Bayones.

And alternatively, on June 24, 2003 in Alicante, sharing the bill with Enrique Ponce and "Paquirri" with bulls owned by Daniel Ruiz; and confirmed the alternative in Madrid on May 17, 2005, he shared the bill with CƩsar JimƩnez and Salvador Vega with bulls from Garcigrande.

History of JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares

What is clear is that JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares comes from a family with a great bullfighting tradition. Both his father and grandfather, both known as JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares, were great bullfighters. And currently, he follows the family bullfighting line and has become one of the most valued bullfighters in the Spanish ranks of bullfighters.

With Enrique Ponce as godfather and Francisco Rivera OrdoƱez as a witness, Manzanares cut off an ear from his first, and two ears and a tail from his second, both bulls from Daniel Ruiz's ranch.

The Alicante bullfighter Manzanares demonstrated his high artistic level within bullfighting by sharing the bill with his father in the 2007 and 2008 seasons, especially in the latter at the April Fair in Seville and at the Bonfire Fair in Alicante, where he went out to shoulders.

In 2011, he pardoned a bull named "Arrojado" from the NĆŗƱez del Cuvillo ranch, at the Real Maestranza de CaballerĆ­a in Seville, after 43 years without happening.

Since 2006, it has been empowered by Casa Matilla (Antonio Garcƭa JimƩnez).
Proclaimed by the company Taurodelta San Isidro 2016 as the WINNER of the fair, as the best task and as the best lunge.

JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares Sr. Trophy

In 2016, JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares received the "JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares Sr." Trophy for the most artistic task at the fair, with the second bull from his batch named "Chiquito" belonging to the NĆŗƱez del Cuvillo ranch, whose two ears.

The Tauromundo Association presented him with the trophy for the "Best Bullfight of the Season" after his triumph in the last Charity Bullfight held in Madrid.

The City Council of the city of Malaga awarded him as the winner of the traditional Goyesca Bullfight held last September.

Silver Rapier and Paseo Cape 2022

On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, the right-handed JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares receives this recognition from the provincial institution for the fourth time, the Antonio OrdĆ³Ć±ez Estoque de Plata Award granted by the Malaga Provincial Council in recognition of the best performance at the Malaga Bullfighting Fair 2019.

The cloak for the walk has been embroidered by Salvador Oliver's workshop.

The president of the DiputaciĆ³n, Francisco Salado, has been in charge of presenting this award within the framework of one of the most anticipated bullfights of the year, the Corrida Picassiana , starring on this occasion by Cayetano Rivera, Roca Rey and Pablo Aguado, with bulls from Daniel Ruiz.

The jury valued the performance of Manzanares to the first bull of his lot on the afternoon of August 17, 2019, named Gineto, weighing 530 kilos, marked with the number 258, from the NĆŗƱez del Cuvillo ranch, who was awarded the Back to the ring.

The jury was chaired by the then deputy for Culture, VĆ­ctor GonzĆ”lez ā€“current Deputy Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport of the Junta de AndalucĆ­a- , together with Carlos Bueno and Antonio Roche, president of La Malagueta and employee of the Provincial Council, respectively; by the bullfighting critics Manuel FernĆ”ndez Maldonado, Antonio Montilla, Daniel Herrera , Marta JimĆ©nez, Ana MarĆ­a Romero, Juan RamĆ³n Romero, Francisco Javier Jurado, Rafael Mellado and Borja Ortiz; by the veterinarian Enrique Moya and by the head of the Bullfighting Affairs Unit, JosĆ© Luis GĆ”lvez.

This is the fourth Antonio OrdĆ³Ć±ez Silver Rapier that JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares has obtained in his professional career after those achieved in 2007, 2010 and 2011. For his part, yesterday JimĆ©nez Fortes received the second in his career.

Other right-handers such as Curro Romero, Joselito, JosĆ© TomĆ”s, Enrique Ponce, Alejandro Talavante, JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares (father and son), Antonio Ferrera, Salvador CortĆ©s and Rivera OrdĆ³Ć±ez, among others, also have this award granted by the Malaga Provincial Council.

walking cloak

The right-hander also collected, from the mayor of MƔlaga, Francisco de la Torre, the Capote de Paseo trophy that since 1961 has been awarded by the MƔlaga City Council to the winner of the best performance at the Bullfighting Fair . It is the fourth time that the bullfighter has received this award. It will be in the bullring of La Malagueta, at the start of this afternoon's celebration. The mayor will be accompanied by the Councilor for Fiestas, Teresa Porras. Since 1961, Malaga City Council has awarded a walking cloak to the author of the best bullfighting performance.

The workshop of the embroiderer from Malaga Salvador Oliver Urdiales has been in charge of making the cape . Oliver himself drew up the design by agreeing with the right-hander. Upon completion of the design, the embroidery work began, completing the entire piece in the first fortnight of July 2020.

JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares: The art of fighting with elegance and passion

Manuel JesĆŗs El Cid Salas, artistically known as JosĆ© MarĆ­a Manzanares, is a Spanish bullfighter born in Alicante in 1982. Son of the bullfighter JosĆ© MarĆ­a Dolls AbellĆ”n and grandson of Manzanares el Grande, bullfighting is in his blood.

From a very young age, Manzanares dedicated himself to bullfighting and began his career in 2002 at the Alicante Bullring, where he had an outstanding performance that earned him the alternative in 2003 at the Valencia Bullring. Since then, he has been one of the most important bullfighters in bullfighting, with numerous performances in renowned arenas around the world.

With a refined technique and a great artistic capacity, Manzanares has conquered the public with his tasks full of emotion and beauty. He has been acclaimed for his elegance and mettle in the ring, which have earned him recognition as one of the most outstanding bullfighters of his generation.

Manzanares has been awarded numerous awards throughout his career, including the prestigious Carrusel Taurino Trophy for Best Bullfighter in 2008 and 2012, as well as the CossĆ­o Trophy for Best Bullfighter in 2011 and 2012.

In addition to his distinguished career as a bullfighter, Manzanares is also known for his commitment to the conservation and promotion of bullfighting culture. He has been invited to participate in numerous acts and events in defense of bullfighting, and has collaborated in various initiatives to promote interest in the national holiday.

In summary, JosƩ Marƭa Manzanares is one of the most important bullfighters in Spanish bullfighting today, with a refined technique and great artistic capacity that have earned him recognition from the public and critics. His commitment to the promotion and defense of bullfighting culture make him a relevant figure in the world of bullfighting, admired for his courage, mettle and elegance in the ring .

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