La República no existe, Idiota La Flamenca de Borgoña, Bandera de España, Cruz de Borgoña, Patricia Muñoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

We love to claim

3 years ago we dedicated ourselves to creating garments and accessories with the flag of Spain and protest messages, the first was the collection "The Republic does not exist Idiot", and in these years of experience we have learned a thing or two on the subject 😜

🥇 The most important thing is that you can't always please everyone and that has made us realize that it doesn't have to be negative to mean one side or the other, the most important thing is respect and above all freedom of expression... and we hope never to lose said FREEDOM for a few. You already understand us, right?

The truth is that this is an adventure in which we learn new things every day and we really like it that way. It never stops being interesting 🤩 .

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