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Summer is coming and it shows.

Every day in more regions of Spain it is getting hotter, isn't it?

The desire for the temperatures to rise more to go to the beach or the pool (whatever they allow us, as things are) are already entering

And for this reason we want to present you, before anyone else, the collection of swimwear and accessories, so that you do not miss out on the garment that you have fallen in love with.

Men's swimsuits, women's swimsuits and bikinis, towels, espadrilles and caps. Everything you need to proudly display the flag of Spain and/or the Cross of Burgundy wherever you go to take a dip.

oh! Men's swimsuits, towels, espadrilles and caps are shipped within 24 hours. But, women's swimsuits and bikinis have a production time of 10 days from purchase, because we make them to measure, so don't wait until the last moment, we want you to have it for your first swim this summer 😉

Summer clothes with the flag of Spain

Get ready for the hottest summer with our amazing summer collection! At La Flamenca de Borgoña, we know that the heat is increasing and the desire to enjoy the sun and the water is insatiable. That's why we've put together an impressive selection of swimsuits, bikinis, towels, espadrilles and caps so you can proudly wear the colors of the Spanish flag and the Cross of Burgundy on your aquatic adventures.

Kick off the summer in style and stand out at the beach or pool with our men's swim trunks! From classic and elegant designs to bold and daring prints, you will find the perfect swimsuit that suits your personality and makes you feel comfortable and confident while enjoying the refreshing water.

But we do not forget about women. Our bikini collection offers you a wide variety of styles and cuts so you can find the one that best fits your figure and highlights your curves. From triangle bikinis to high waisted bikinis, each design is carefully tailored to give you a comfortable fit and a flawless appearance.

And we can't forget the accessories! Our beach towels will wrap you in their softness as you lounge in the sun, and our espadrilles will give you that touch of Spanish flair as you stroll along the shore. Complete your look with a cap that protects you from the sun and gives you a casual and fresh air.

We want you to enjoy the summer to the fullest, which is why we strive to send our men's swimsuits, towels, espadrilles and caps in just 24 hours. However, women's swimsuits and bikinis are custom garments that require a production time of 10 days from purchase. So don't wait until the last moment, go ahead and make sure you have your swimsuit ready for the first dip of the season.

At La Flamenca de Borgoña, we are passionate about summer and take pride in dressing our clients with quality products that reflect their love for Spain. Our summer collection is an explosion of colours, style and authenticity, because we believe that there is nothing better than showing your patriotic spirit while enjoying the sunny days and crystal clear waters.

So don't wait any longer, immerse yourself in our summer collection and discover your new favorite garment. We're sure you'll love sporting the Spanish flag and the Cross of Burgundy for every fun-in-the-sun moment. Long live summer and long live Spain!

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