Cómo lucir la bandera de España con estilo La Flamenca de Borgoña, Bandera de España, Cruz de Borgoña, Patricia Muñoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

The flag of Spain is synonymous with elegance

The best way to display the Spanish flag with elegance, style and originality is with La Flamenca de Borgoña products.

The shirts with the Spanish flag from La Flamenca de Borgoña are the exclusive garment to complete every patriotic look today. Who does not have a shirt with the national flag?

It looks great with jeans for an informal look, or with a jacket for dinner. And if you use it with a suit you will be the center of attention of the event you attend.

The wallet with the flag of Spain is another of the key elements. Our wallets are made of high quality Ubrique leather and 100% national production.

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