Celebra con nosotros el Día de Andalucía La Flamenca de Borgoña, Bandera de España, Cruz de Borgoña, Patricia Muñoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

This Sunday, February 28, Andalusia Day is celebrated , and for La Flamenca de Borgoña it is a very special day, since as you know our first physical store at street level is located in this wonderful land. Specifically, our store is in the municipality of Andújar, in the province of Jaén, a city linked to the director Patricia Muñoz by family ties.

In Sabadell, the first two stores were located on the third floor, respectively, since due to the political and social situation in Catalonia, and the threats received against the brand and against Patricia, it was impossible for us to open the store at street level.

Thus, at La Flamenca de Borgoña we feel that Andalusia has welcomed us with open arms, and we are so happy that we want to celebrate this special day with all of you.

And how?" you will ask Well, with a weekend from February 27 to 28 with a 15% discount on the entire web and a GIFT for all orders received during those 48 hours.

Take advantage and don't miss out on your GIFT and special price on all products!

What is it about Andalusian culture that attracts Spaniards and foreigners so much?

And it is that Andalusia has a particular cultural identity, like all Spanish regions. Unique traditions, history and gastronomy that arose from the fusion over the centuries of different peoples and cultures. And what to say about its people, welcoming, cheerful and generous.

At La Flamenca de Borgoña we are known for creating a wide variety of products with the Spanish flag , but our range is expanding and we also have various products with the Andalusian flag , such as bracelets, key chains, belts, suspenders, necklaces and dog leashes, t-shirts and mugs.

We are waiting for you this weekend in our online store www.laflamencadeborgona.es to celebrate Andalusia Day together and give you a special GIFT that will arrive with your order, in which you will also enjoy a 15% discount.


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