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Pilar Festival 2023

As every year, the Fiestas del Pilar are celebrated in Zaragoza around October 12, in honor of the Virgen del Pilar. This year 2022 begins on Saturday, October 8, since they generally begin the Saturday before the 12th, and end the Sunday after.

How the Fiesta del Pilar is celebrated

For its celebration, there is a parade of clubs that start the festivities and attend the proclamation in Plaza del Pilar. It is fantastic to see how the Plazas of the Historic Center become stages that host theatre, circus, dance, humor, percussion, clowns, mimes and much more.

How many days are the Pillars of Zaragoza

The Fiestas del Pilar are celebrated for about 9 days. Beginning the Saturday before the 12th, and ending the following Sunday.

Virgen del Pilar patron saint of the Civil Guard

Since February 8, 1913, the Virgen del Pilar has been the patron saint of the Civil Guard, the year in which the first liturgical celebration took place as patron saint of the BenemƩrita.

It was the monarch Alfonso XIII who signed the Order.

The origin of the devotion of the Civil Guard corps to the Virgen del Pilar dates back to 1864, when the first Military Chaplain, the priest Miguel Moreno, joined the College of Young Guards of Valdemoro. During his stay, he set up the Primary Instruction classroom as a chapel, placing a small replica of the Virgen del Pilar.

Subsequently, the General Director of the Civil Guard asked the Vicar General of the Military for authorization to celebrate Holy Mass in that place. A month later, on September 24, the Virgen del Pilar was declared Patron of the Company of Young Guards.

On January 13, 1913, it is requested that the Virgen del Pilar be Patron of the Civil Guard.

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