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Hello Patriot! How are you doing in the final stretch towards Christmas? Surely in a hurry and finalizing details.

From La Flamenca de Borgoña we want to make it easy for you and for this we propose ideas for your pocket type.

Invisible friends are usually somewhat cheaper details, have you taken a look at our bracelets?

A little trick to save, you have several little gifts, so take some of the lots of bracelets that you like the most and then separate them, you save a few euros that with so much expense is always good and you already have gifts for several. For example, you want a detail for your sons-in-law, you take the lot that suits you and everyone does the same thing and so there are no differences between brothers-in-law... hahahahahahahahaha.

And if you don't know or can't find it, call us or write us a WhatsApp at 698 800 645 or 644 488 099 and we will be happy to help you.

You will not say that we do not make it easy for you to hit the gifts this Christmas.

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