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Premiere your Cross of Burgundy Towel this summer

You will fall in love with our Cross of Burgundy Towel

Are you ready for summer yet? The towel is essential for the sunny season, and it cannot be just any towel.
Our Cross of Burgundy towel is unique, full of meaning, minimalist and a very clean look.
But the most important thing is that you will feel comfortable and full of pride with it, for carrying the Cross of Burgundy with you.
And it is that the Cross of Burgundy or Aspa de Burgundy, is a representation of the Cross of Saint Andrew, a cross in the shape of an X (with two acute angles and two obtuse angles) that represents the martyrdom of this apostle. It was the flag of the Spanish Tercios.
With our towels you will be sure to be right, and you will be the center of attention on the beach and the pool, and you know it!
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