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Valentine's Day Gifts 2023

There are many special days in the year but we cannot forget the day of love par excellence. Are you romantic? For sure yes

Cupid shoots his arrows and we don't know where or when they're going to hit us, so it's better to be cautious and always be prepared with some little detail nearby to surprise our love at the moment.

Imagine if the 365 days of the year were completely the same, from home to work and from work to home... what a bore. That's why we have to celebrate everything, spice up our routine and motivate those around us.

Well, for that very reason, let's celebrate LOVE!!!

The love towards your partner is very important, but it is no less than what we have towards our children, friends, family, pet... LOVE with a capital letter to everything that makes us happy.

Bet to give away accessories and Spanish fashion. Shirts with flag, polo shirts, t-shirts... Leather bracelets and wallets, key rings, etc. Hundreds of items on our page to wear the Spanish flag with pride and style.

Original Valentine's Day Gifts

  1. A surprise trip: Plan a romantic weekend in a special place, like a cabin in the mountains or a historic city.

  2. A romantic dinner: reserve a table at your favorite restaurant, in a renowned gourmet restaurant or prepare a special dinner at home.

  3. A unique experience: Find an exciting activity like a hot air balloon flight, a cooking class or a spa session.

  4. A personalized gift: take a personalized photo or painting, or order a piece of jewelry with your partner's name on it. At La Flamenca de Borgoña we can prepare many personalized products for you.

  5. A Day of Adventures: Plan a day filled with outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, or picnicking in a park. Or even a simulator flight session or track driving session.

  6. A Surprise Gift Box – Fill a box with small gifts and romantic notes that represent your special moments together.

  7. A movie night at home: prepare a movie night at home with popcorn, drinks and your favorite movie.

  8. A class together: learn something new together by taking a dance, cooking or language class.

  9. A watch, necklace, ring or bracelet personalized with your name or a special date engraved.

  10. A pair of shoes, a bag or a leather wallet.


11. A bottle of your favorite wine or beer with a personalized note.

12. A subscription to a magazine, a streaming service of interest to you, or a beauty service such as a gift box subscription.

13. A book by your favorite author or a special edition of a classic book.

14. A quality tool kit for your hobby or job.

15. A professional photo session with a photographer to capture your special moments together.

16. A massage or spa session to relax and enjoy some quality time together.

17. A classic: A bouquet of flowers or a bouquet of red roses with a personalized note.

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