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The largest variety of Bracelets with the flag of Spain

At La Flamenca de Borgoña we like accessories so much that Spanish flag bracelets have become the detail par excellence when it comes to giving, especially when it is a gift to a patriot.

And it is that for a Spanish fashion brand like ours, you cannot miss the basic and essential accessory such as the bracelets with the flag of Spain.

There is a phrase that we use a lot in our fashion brand and we love it, and it is: "personal style is shown with clothes but is perfected with accessories", that's why at La Flamenca de Borgoña we don't want to leave you without ideas and we have more of 130 very different models of Spanish fabric, elastic, leather or split leather bracelets.

All of our bracelets have the Spanish flag and are ideal to wear with our shirts with the national flag, Spanish polo shirts, t-shirts or any of our garments that help us show off what we are so much.

Where to buy a bracelet from Spain?

On our page, you can find various models of leather and split leather bracelets from Spain, of excellent quality and easily adaptable to your wrist.

Both for you and as a gift, they are a detail with which you will never fail due to their style, simplicity and elegance.

Within the line of leather and split leather bracelets with the flag of Spain you will find models dedicated to:

  • Security forces
  • With some religious detail
  • For Horsemen
  • burgundy cross
  • etc

All have in common the tones of our nation. Because as always we carry the colors of Spain as our flag.

Our Spain leather and split leather bracelets are designed to wear with our flag shirts, polo shirts or any garment you can find at La Flamenca de Borgoña.

Everything in excess is bad, except our taste for what is Spanish. Do not hesitate and enter our page to get yours, surely within the diversity that we have you will find your favorite.

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