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Little gifts 2023

We always think of clothes as great gifts and we forget that small details complement our style and make a difference, creating our personal brand.

At Flemish in Burgundy we like to prepare all the details for a perfectionist like you. A pin on your lapel, a brooch on your scarf, the cord of the mask of your glasses, a purse with the colors of Spain...

Imagine your denim jacket or shirt sporting a patch and the colors of our Spanish flag.

It is not necessary to make a large outlay of money to look good with your friends or family. From our blog we want to launch several ideas so that you look like a king with the products that we bring for patriots like you.

For very little you can buy a lot of 10 ball bracelets with the Spanish Flag or stickers with the poem of the Tercios and the Spanish flag and distribute them among those you care about.

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