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10,000 followers on Facebook!!!

Today we wake up with various feelings, emotion and joy to see that we reach so many people and at the same time we have an enormous responsibility to do well for you. We know that we have to improve many things, but it seems that we are on the way.

You don't know the joy it gives us to see that there are so many of you who follow us on networks.

Since our brand was born, one of its main objectives was and is to fight for the satisfaction of our customers and we believe that little by little we are achieving it.

We are not a giant company, but we are very proud to have the best with us, which is you.

Thank you to all our followers and customers. We only hope that you continue to accompany us on this adventure and give us many little hearts through the networks.

Today it's time to celebrate and that's why we continue working to improve ourselves every day.

We will continue to surprise you with new products and we will maintain our classics that you like so much. Always with the love that Spain and our flag deserve.

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