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Country caps and rocieras

At La Flamenca de Borgoña we wanted to offer a space for a very special item, country caps.

Our country caps are the best, and we are not afraid to say it because we are convinced of it. And because? Because our factory has more than 60 years of experience exclusively in Spanish caps, with national fabrics, with great care and care in the preparation, maintaining the traditional style but innovating in textures, colors and shapes.

And it is that country caps are a traditional garment that never goes out of style, such a special accessory that easily characterizes lovers of this very Spanish lifestyle.

Our country caps are ideal for day to day, for long walks through beautiful moors, for pilgrimages and fairs, for equestrian and bullfighting events, or field days and hunting. A way of not losing the elegance of an exciting day wherever it is, with our perfect cap as a complement.

In our collection of caps you will find a wide variety of country caps, both in style and for the different seasons of the year. Caps for winter or summer, either to shelter you from the wind and the cold, to protect yourself from the sun, or simply because you like to complement your outfit with a great country cap that will add additional style and elegance.

Oxford summer cap made 100% in Spain, of high quality, both in its preparation and in its design and materials.

Top quality product, fully guaranteed, with a modern and fresh design, both for day-to-day use and for events such as pilgrimages, horse riding meetings, picnics and hunting, etc.

Our Oxford summer caps are suitable for both men and women, since although they have the classic air of a traditional English design cap, they are also very modern.

Composition: 80% cotton and 20% polyester

Oxford summer cap perfect to wear in spring and summer.

oh! Country caps are also known as Swing cap with visor, Gatsby cap, Beret hat, Irish cap, peaky blinders beret, and surely in many more ways. Can you tell us what you know? We are curious.

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