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Gafas policiales La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Bandera de EspaƱa, Cruz de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

The best Police Glasses 2023

In the exercise of police work, safety is paramount. There are innumerable police accessories for all types of situations, which protect our police officers from accidents, unforeseen events and external attacks.

And the view is no less important. The eyes are an essential part to carry out the best police work, and for this reason good police glasses are essential.

In the online store of La Flamenca de BorgoƱa you can buy the best police glasses from our collection.

Police glasses for Civil Guard

For our Civil Guard we have a wide variety of police glasses. In our catalog we have 11 different models of police glasses for Civil Guard , with the shield of the Civil Guard.

Different models for all tastes and needs.

Civil Guard police glasses

Police glasses for Legionnaires

Our Legion deserves the best police glasses for legionnaires , and what better than being specially designed for the 100th Anniversary of the Spanish Legion.

Magnificent police glasses for Legionnaires, in black and green, with the flag of Spain on the temple.

Police glasses Spanish Legion

Police glasses for National Police

Great variety of police glasses for the National Police. More than 12 different models of police glasses for the National Police in our catalogue, specially designed for different needs and styles.

Without a doubt, you will find the police glasses for the National Police that you need for your work.

Police glasses National Police

Police glasses for Local Police

Local police throughout Spain also need their professional police glasses to face the day to day at work.

Being on the street is not easy, and you can find yourself in all kinds of situations that require special visual protection, Police Glasses for Local Police .

In our catalog we have more than 11 different models of police glasses for Local Police.

Police glasses Local Police

Police glasses for Ertzaintza

The regional police also need police glasses for Ertzaintza for their daily work. You never know when there may be an altercation or situation that requires extra eye protection.

For this reason, in our online store we have 4 different models of police glasses for Ertzaintza in our catalogue.

Police glasses for Ertzaintza

Police glasses for Port Police

For the Port Police, visual protection is very important, especially during the hours when sunlight can cause more discomfort and, consequently, interfere with police work.

For this reason, at La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we have incorporated 3 models of police glasses for Port Police in our catalogue.

Police glasses Port Police

Police glasses for Civil Protection

Our Civil Protection also needs their professional and personalized police glasses for Civil Protection, and at La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we bring you two models that you can find in our catalogue.

Magnificent models of police glasses for Civil Protection with its characteristic color and all the characteristics.

Police glasses for Civil Protection

Police glasses SUMMA 112

Within our catalog in the online store we have included a special model for SUMMA 112. A specific model to protect your vision while driving and on a daily basis.

The SUMMA 112 police glasses will protect you on the sunniest days.

Police glasses SUMMA 112

Police Glasses for Ballistics

For the police who endure the toughest and most difficult moments, and who need professional protection of the highest level, we have police glasses for Ballistics.

Our police glasses for Ballistics withstand impacts at high speeds, withstand impacts from bolts with slingshots, rebounds from pods, shots with a 4.5mm compressed air rifle, shot with a 12-round shotgun with hunting cartridges (buckshot no. 8) and rifle shots of the 22LR.

Police Glasses for Ballistics

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