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Happy New Year 2023

"In Puerta del Sol, Like the year it was. Champagne and grapes and tar again..."
Who has not sung or heard this song on New Year's Eve at some point?
Well, for some without realizing it and for others perhaps becoming endless, the end of 2022 arrives.
It's time to say goodbye to the year, it's hours to take stock of the good and bad. Wishing to turn the page on the bad to stay only with the beauty that this year brought us and hoping that 2023 will always be better.
If there is something we like about this day, it is that we know that in most Spanish houses we look at the clock at the same time, although some look at it an hour later, hahahahaha. We have to confess that at La Flamenca de Borgoña we stand in solidarity with the Canary Islands and we also eat the grapes with them an hour later, we will start the year twice in case we have left any wishes behind, so we have another chance... especially for all those who need it most.

The La Flamenca de Borgoña team is delighted to have luxury clients in 2022, we hope and wish to always keep you with us in 2023 and that much more will come, so that our great family becomes bigger and bigger thanks to all of you .

Happy 2023, Patriots!!!
PS Oh! And don't forget the gifts for Kings, and that in La Flamenca de Borgoña you will find the most exclusive Spanish fashion for men and women, produced 100% in Spain, as any self-respecting Spanish brand should be. Shirts and polo shirts with the Spanish flag, and accessories for patriots.

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