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Gifts of Kings 2023

Twelfth Night, night of illusion.

Do you keep leaving your shoes with milk and cookies for the Kings?

Surely those of you who have children at home if you do. Although we would love to read that this is not just a thing for children and that many of you continue to be excited about everything that this night entails.

Three Kings Day is the perfect kick-off for Christmas. Family, food, gifts and of course a good piece of roscón. We say goodbye to the excesses of these days in a big way.

I confess a secret to you, I buy my gifts from all over the world, I love to go shopping and open packages knowing that I don't have to exchange later . Even so, I live it with the same illusion because I love seeing the faces of others and the commotion of packages that morning.

And you, do you expect the gifts when you return from seeing the parade or do you leave them for the next morning? I'm sure there's a division of opinion here.

For our part we have to say that we have worked a lot as pages of their Majesties the Kings of the East. We have tried to get all the gifts under your tree tonight and tomorrow you will wake up with a surprise . We can confirm that they have left La Flamenca de Borgoña with their bags full, a sign that you have all been very good. You like to bet on ours, products with the Spain brand.

They have been days of a lot of work, but it compensates us to know that you have succeeded. The best gift for us is that everything is to your liking.

Happy night, we look forward to photos.

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