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Shield of the National Police 2023

He National Police Corps ( CNP ), also called National Police , is a Spanish armed institute of a civilian nature, dependent on the Ministry of the Interior, mainly responsible for police surveillance of all the capitals of the province and urban centers that the Government determines.

The National Police is one of the two national security forces, together with the Civil Guard.

The National Police is in charge, through its specialties, of criminal, judicial, and terrorist investigations, and matters of public order and immigration. However , the capacity and power of the CNP varies according to the different autonomous communities of the country; the Ertzaintza in the Basque Country, the Mozos de Escuadra in Catalonia and the Foral Police in Navarre are the main security forces in these communities, so the role of the police in these regions is less. In the cases of Catalonia and the Basque Country, the National Police Corps continues to develop powers that have not been fully ceded to the Mozos de Escuadra or the Ertzaintza, such as the fight against terrorism, against organized crime and immigration networks illegal. It also has full powers regarding DNI procedures and residence permits for foreign citizens.

Badge of the Spanish National Police

The Shield of the National Police of Spain is the official symbol of the National Police in Spain. The shield is a graphic representation of the values, history and function of the National Police. The National Police is a Spanish security force with a civilian character and with judicial and administrative police functions.

The shield consists of a heraldic shield with a shield-shaped design, with a gold border and a blue background. In the center of the shield is a royal eagle, a symbol of Spain, with its wings outstretched, and with a shield on its chest with fleurs-de-lis, a symbol of the Spanish monarchy. The shield is surrounded by a blue ribbon with the motto "Serve and Protect" (Serve and protect) in gold letters.

The National Police shield is used in a variety of contexts, such as the decoration of National Police buildings, officers' uniforms, vehicles, documents and official seals. It is a symbol of identity and authority and is used to represent the National Police in Spain.

The National Police Corps, like most Spanish institutions, has behind its initials a badge that is very easy to recognize at first glance by the majority of citizens. If you have ever wanted to be a police officer or have wanted to know more about said body, you may have wondered what the National Police shield means and where it appears.

Next, we resolve some of the most common doubts that may arise regarding this emblem of the National Police Force.

What is the meaning of the badge of the National Police

If we analyze the coat of arms of the National Police , we are struck by its resemblance to the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Spain. The distinctive of the CNP is formed in the central part by the coat of arms of the Kingdom, divided into six parts. On the upper left is the Kingdom of Castilla, and on the right, we find the Kingdom of León. In the lower part, the Kingdom of Aragon is represented on the left with the flag of four vertical red bars on a yellow background (Señera) and on the right, the Kingdom of Navarre and its distinctive gold chain.

The six kingdoms of the coat of arms are completed with the last two representations, such as the House of Bourbon-Anjou in the center, a dynasty that has reigned in our country since 1700, and the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Granada at the bottom.

Surrounding the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Spain is the legend of "National Police Corps" and the famous badge, one of the most distinctive and easiest to recognize at first sight with which officers can identify themselves along with their security number. personal identification.

The royal crown is present on the shield of the National Police, specifically the design used by the house of Bourbon-Anjou , a characteristic symbol of Spain that refers to our form of government.

Emblem of the National Police: what it means and where it is used

Ensuring compliance with the laws, among many other functions, we find the CNP shield on uniforms, patrol cars and police stations. In addition to the official shield, the emblem of the National Police is used above all on the uniforms of the agents. It was created with the main objective of making it much easier for citizens to identify the police in case of need.

The emblem is composed in the central part of the shield of the National Police, the flag of Spain in the upper part and in the lower part, the legend "National Police Corps", all of which we find embroidered with metallic thread on the uniform of the agents.

If you are in the opposition and your dream is to become a police officer or you are simply in love with the National Police and its shield , all the accessories of the La Flemish National Police of Burgundy.

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