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Valencian Community Day

October 9 is celebrated in the Valencian Community in Spain.

Valencians celebrate this date since 1238, when the King of Aragon Jaime I El Conquistador officially entered the city of Valencia to free it from Muslim rule.

Since 1365, on October 9, the Valencian SeƱera presides over the acts.

Ribbon with the flag of Valencia

How is celebrated on October 9 in Valencia

The Valencian Senyera presides over all the acts of October 9 in Valencia since 1365. It is descended from the main balcony of the Most Excellent Town Hall and moves in a civic procession to the Parterre, where the floral offering is made before the Statue of King James I.

At the end of the act and after singing the Valencian Anthem, it is delivered to the Municipal Archives.

Currently, October 9 is a holiday throughout the Valencian Community, and at the same time as the official events in the city of Valencia, other institutions and groups also carry out other events, such as regional dances and music, and the entrance of Moors and Christians.

Sant DonĆ­s Day

The day of Sant DonĆ­s is the day of the Valencian lovers, and it is also celebrated on October 9.

On this day, men give women a "MocadorĆ " or "MocaorĆ ", which are marzipan sweets collected inside a handkerchief, in the shape of a bundle, closed with a knot or a ring.

Every year Valencian pastry chefs prepare thousands of marzipan figures, which Valencians give to their wives, girlfriends and mothers.

Mask with the fabric of the dress of the Valencian falleras

The Valencian SeƱera

The origin of the Valencian Senyera is the Royal Signal of Aragon. Emblem of sticks of gules and bear that was used in seals, banners, shields and banners as a heraldic emblem, until with the Catholic Monarchs it began to be a territorial symbol.

The Valencian Royal Senyera is the only flag in the world with the rank of "Royal", for this reason it is given military honors with 21 cannon salutes, like any monarch.

And for this reason it is an essential symbol on Valencia Day on October 9.

Swimsuit with the colors of the SeƱera Valenciana

Long live Valencia!

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