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November 1 All Saints Day

At La Flamenca de Borgoña we celebrate All Saints Day.

At the end of October everyone talks about Halloween, they decorate the shops with pumpkins, they enjoy witches and the living dead... but not at La Flamenca de Borgoña. We are different, and we don't celebrate Halloween, because we believe in our traditions and our beliefs.

In Spain we like Hispanic traditions, not Anglo-Saxon ones. And it is that November 1 is celebrated on All Saints Day , in which we remember all our loved ones who have passed away.

All Saints Day is a day in which we usually visit our deceased in addition to other traditions. In other Hispanic countries, such as Mexico, the Day of the Dead or Day of the Deceased is also celebrated. No matter what we call it, the important thing is to remember our relatives who are no longer with us.

All Saints Day is a Catholic date to pay homage to all the Saints that have existed throughout history, and also to the souls that have passed through purgatory and are in the kingdom of heaven.

Why is All Saints Day celebrated?

All Saints Day is celebrated because centuries ago the death of a martyr who gave his life for the work of God used to be celebrated, but after the Persecution of Diocletian where a large number of Christians died at the hands of the Roman army, the Church he grouped his martyrs in a festivity.

The first celebration of All Saints' Day took place in Antioquia, on the Sunday before the Pentecost festivities.

How All Saints Day is celebrated in Spain

In our country, All Saints' Day is a day to remember those who are not there, and to spend it with friends and family. We usually meet in the countryside to celebrate the day and taste the typical sweets of these days. A few crumbs, chestnuts, saint's bones... But if there's something we have to eat, yes or yes, it's a good plate of porridge.

In Andújar, for example, according to tradition: "those who don't eat porridge on this day will be ugly all year" (hahahahahaha), so now you know what our secret is to always look so beautiful at La Flamenca de Borgoña, in addition to using As accessories, products with the colors of the national flag, which are colors that suit everyone.

Can you tell us what you usually do on this date? Do you celebrate Halloween or did you prefer our traditions and celebrate All Saints Day?

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