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National Police Day 2023

On September 29, the central acts of Police Day will take place in the Plaza Marƭa Pita in A CoruƱa. During the ceremony, police merit awards will be given both to members of the National Police and to people who have made an outstanding contribution to improving the police image. In addition, members of other Security Forces and Corps will be distinguished and honorable mentions will be given to dogs that serve in the Canine Guides Unit of the National Police.

During the event, the "in memoriam" act will be held in honor of the agents who died in the line of duty and a dynamic formation of motorized units will show the police vehicles to the attendees. These units are: Citizen Security, Canine Guides, Subsoil, Borders, Police Intervention Unit, Cavalry, Special Operations Group (GEO), TEDAX-NRBQ, Technical Interventions Operational Group (GOIT) and Laboratory of Special Actions (LAE) of Scientific police. The formation will be initiated and closed by the Air Resources Service of the National Police.

The central act will be the maximum exponent of all the events that will be held on the occasion of the festival of the Santos Ɓngeles Custodios, patrons of the National Police. Between September 22 and 29, A CoruƱa will host celebrations that reflect the history of the Police, its evolution over almost 200 years and how it has become a modern and effective Police, prepared to serve the citizen.

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