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Spain clothing for children

This little Spanish patriot came into my life 7 years ago and since then he has become my strength and motivation.

For him we decided to leave Barcelona, ​​because the separatist radicals do not know how to separate the professions of adults from personal and family life, and above all... leave the little ones on the sidelines.

The threats towards the brand and myself became harassment and pointing out at school towards a little boy of 4, 5 and 6 years old at that time.

A sad reality with which hundreds or thousands of children live in Catalonia and other Spanish regions, with the support of separatist teachers and an infected educational system prepared for indoctrination and hatred.

I bet there is someone that special in your life too!

If you wish, you can place an order and put your address on the shipment. We will send him your gift, so that it is clear to him how important it is to you!

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