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The best Spanish brand of 2022

La Flamenca de Borgoña is the trendiest Spanish fashion brand, for non-conformists.

It is the mark of those of us who are proud to be Spanish, to have our Spanish flag waving on the balcony 365 days a year, day and night, because it should not be a special date to put it up. We feel Spanish every day and we shout it from the four winds.

It is the brand for those of us who like to wear clothes with the Spanish flag, as well as in our accessories: bags, mobile phone cases, caps, backpacks, etc. Anywhere! Why not? And we wear it with pride, and even more so in front of those who want to break national unity, because being Spanish is an honor.

La Flamenca de Borgoña is a tribute to all Spaniards who, like us, fight every day to defend the unity of our great nation, and especially to those of us who find ourselves in hostile territory, inside or outside the national territory.

In our particular case, we are in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, and we are part of that majority of millions of Catalans who make up the Catalan resistance. Young people who went out to remove the yellow garbage from our streets, who are fed up with indoctrination, and we have said enough is enough.

We are Catalan! Yeah! And we are proud to be Spanish, proud of our nation, our history, our culture, our traditions. And we are not going to allow them to be taken from us. We are "Proud of what is ours" .

The history of La Flamenca de Borgoña is the history of billions of Catalans today.

LFDB began to take shape in 2017, and was founded in 2018, by a group of young people with great dreams who see with great sadness how a few try to create conflicts and separate us from the rest of the country.

We are active members of the cleaning brigades since 2017, removing yellow plastic from our streets and public spaces, and active at the same time on social networks, in order to make it clear to all of Spain and the world that not all Catalans are separatists. , that the vast majority are proud to be Spanish and that we want the unity of our country.

Some of us have received threats, assaults, attacks on our private property (home, car and/or business), they tried to indoctrinate us at school when we were little (it is clear that they couldn't with us), one of us lost his job for not be a separatist, etc.

But not because of all this do we lower our heads and become intimidated, no! Quite the opposite. Because we Spaniards can and must go with our heads held high, because our history shows that we Spaniards have the blood of brave men, heroes, fighters and great patriots.

And for this reason, to proudly display our flag day after day, La Flamenca de Borgoña was born, with the aim of offering quality Spanish fashion to all Spaniards who want to display their flag with national pride, originality, elegance and distinction. Without complex.

Thus, we began our journey with modesty, but with a firm step with our own, unique and exclusive, limited edition designs. All of them with our national banner, because there is no greater prestige than wearing our flag of Spain with feeling and pride.

We have family in the flamenco fashion sector in Andalusia, internationally renowned hairdressers, plastic artists, and designers in different fields. The taste for fashion, design and creativity surrounds us since we were little, and we have come together to offer our best fashion proposals.

Our inspiration is based on our flag of Spain , on the Andalusian flamenco polka dots , on the Cross of Burgundy so that we do not forget history, and on Spanish art with illustrations and exclusive designs by various national artists with whom we have started a pleasant collaboration. .

We are young, creative, dreamers, educated, hardworking, brave and above all, patriots. We are the future of our nation, the ones who will write history.

We offer personalized attention online through email, and our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. We also serve by phone.

Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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