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What a madness of bags for 2022

Our collection of flamenco baskets-bags have an exclusive, elegant and original design, and are made with top quality materials, without forgetting the care and attention with which we make them.


Our carrycots proudly display the polka dots and ribbons of the Spanish flag. Is there any print that represents us more as Spaniards?

The flamenco fabrics of our culture, and the colors of our flag are a small representation of our history in these carrycot bags.

How good it is to care for and protect our traditions, our values ​​and our nation, and what better than wearing a flamenco carrycot to proudly show off what is ours.

Who dares to wear the Spanish flag like this?

This is Spanish pride and that they get rid of nonsense.

Out with complexes, out with shame, out with separatist ideologies,... and LONG LIVE SPAIN!

Proudly, and also stylish, with a unique handmade design. What else do you want?

The carrycots mark style

Elegance in its purest form. Ideal for any occasion: walk, weekend, beach, mountain, city... wherever you want!

You will be unique wearing our flamenco carrycot-bag.

Only suitable for patriotic, elegant and unapologetic women. Are you one of them?

And also, we have created two designs specially inspired and dedicated to our State security forces and bodies, using their colors: blue and green.

It's coming for you! Long live the National Police! Long live the Civil Guard! Long live the Army!

Choose yours and reserve it. Do not stay without or you will regret it 😉

There are limited units!

Discover them below, and buy yours now before it runs out.

Size: 28 cm high (not counting the handles), 7 cm handles, 50 cm long, 14 cm wide.

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