Camisetas Solares UPF 50+ para deportes acuƔticos La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Bandera de EspaƱa, Cruz de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

Surf T-shirts with Sun Protection 2023

With the arrival of good weather, people want to go out and practice sports more and more, but this carries a risk: the sun. The sun's rays are a risk and it is essential to protect yourself from them.

Our Surf UPF 50+ shirts for water sports are the perfect choice, because they protect you from sun exposure and prevent sunburn or chafing, and thus allow us to enjoy a pleasant day outdoors without risks such as sunburn.

surf shirt with sun protection

At La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we bring you a wide variety of compression shirts for men and women in long sleeves and fitted cuts , soft and special for doing all kinds of water sports, because they are perfect for protecting you from the wind and the sun.

And it is that Surf shirts are specially designed for water sports, because they repel moisture and dry quickly.

In addition, our Surf shirts are made of a special fabric that protects from the sun UPF 50+, so that they block 95% of harmful solar radiation.

On the other hand, the fabric of the UPF 50+ Sun Shirts is flexible in 4 directions , therefore it stretches and recovers its shape in the transversal and longitudinal sections.

Solar UPF 50+ shirts are printed by our artisans, who cut the fabric and sew it by hand, with flatlock seams and cover stitches.

  • High Quality Sublimation Printing
  • handcrafted
  • Fitted cut that is fitted at the chest and waist
  • Raglan sleeves, composed of a single piece from the neck.
  • Special for water sports: repels moisture
  • Sun Protection UPF 50
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Composition 82% polyester and 18% lycra spandex
  • soft touch fabric
  • Compression shirt.

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