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Camiseta de la Diada 2022 La Flamenca de BorgoƱa, Bandera de EspaƱa, Cruz de BorgoƱa, Patricia MuƱoz, VOX, Santiago Abascal

Catalonia Day 2023

The Catalan National Day is approaching one more year. Many wait for September 11 as a holiday, a day to celebrate, to share, but not everything is rosy, many want to paint it yellow, but a sinister yellow that is scandalous at the same time, a yellow full of rage envy and hate.

That's right, the separatists continue with that dark game that Pujol started, followed by Artur Mas, the fugitive Puigdemont, and all that pantomime of attempts by politicians, who are only looking to fill their pockets, and for that, their only strategy is fill the heads of children and adults with lies and hatred towards Spain, through television, such as TV3, and education. A Machiavellian plan, which as Pujol said at the time: "don't give me an army, give me the schools!", has come from a fable to indoctrinate year after year.

And so to this day, where even a party wants to appropriate it, fill it with Cuban flags, starry, or whatever you want to call them, yellow garbage bags, and heads tailored to their own interests.

And it is a pity, because their plan has been so evil and cruel that they have gone after the emotions, the feelings, to conquer the hearts and minds of the Catalans, and I say cruel because it has been a very well thought out strategy, but unfortunately for a bad end How nice it would be to have used this strategy for a positive, generous and good goal for everyone, but no... it has been used to generate hatred, tension, discomfort among society, in public and private institutions, and even among families.

And so we have arrived at the Catalan National Day, which they also want to take over, they want to take over a party that belongs to all Spaniards, to vindicate their objective: the Catalan republic, but as I said before, simply because of their own interests, for their pockets. If one day they succeeded, do you think they would do something as promised? What would they remember about all those people they are manipulating to get their shoddy republic? Well, not at all, they would take everything into their pocket and if I have seen you I don't remember.

To continue with their strategy they need financing, and a part of it is obtained with the merchandising of the Catalan Republic, and specifically for the Diada de Catalunya 2022 it is the ANC that once again launches its shirt.

For this reason, from La Flamenca de BorgoƱa we like to mock them directly, their pathos, their shameless manipulation, and we make our version of the shirt but from constitutionalism, from the fight against you want to try to destroy and break our magnificent nation.

We've done it before, and we're doing it again this year as well. And here we present our t-shirt for the Catalan National Day 2022. We hope you like it!

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