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Espadrilles Flag of Spain 2023

Get ready for summer 2023 and buy now your Spanish flag espadrilles, the summer footwear with the flag.

What footwear do you usually use more in summer?

At La Flamenca de Borgoña, as always, we are committed to tradition and today we would like to tell you more about our esparto espadrilles.

The espadrille is used interchangeably by men and women and has traditionally been part of the typical costume in a good part of the national territory. Have you ever used them? For sure yes.

With the evolution of fashion in our country, we began to adapt this type of footwear for the summer and today it is used almost all year round. It has been given a multitude of designs in recent years to accompany us in all kinds of events from pilgrimages to weddings. We have wanted to be faithful to the traditional style and also add the flag of Spain so that they are even more ours. We highlight from them:

  • classic colors
  • Horizontal Spain flag ribbon
  • Esparto and rubber sole.

If you're more of a fan of toes and you're thinking that we haven't remembered you, don't worry because we also have flip flops that will make summer days more fun with purely Spanish drawings and designs.

  • comfortable rubber sole
  • soft polyester fabric
  • Y-shaped black rubber strip

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