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Rocieros bags for the Pilgrimage 2023

We help you get ready for the Pilgrimage! Choose now among our Rocieros Bags for the Pilgrimage.

Because the rociero bag or Amazon bag is one of the essential accessories for the pilgrimage, which is why it is the most sought-after accessory, and of course, one of the most appropriate details to give as a gift. In our online store La Flamenca de Borgoña specialized in saddlery, you can find a wide variety of spray bags.

Where can I buy rocieros bags online?

At La Flamenca de Borgoña we have a wide variety of rociero bags made of genuine leather. We have them chopped, openwork or carved, with colored stitching and equestrian motifs, in various colors, with the Spanish flag, with polka dots or fringes.

Ubrique leather backpacks

In addition to this type of fanny pack type Rocío bags for El Rocío, we have beautiful leather and split leather backpacks.

Flamenco Bags for Pilgrimages and Fairs

Look how many ideal accessories for the pilgrimage and the fair! You will be fabulous!

Bags, shoulder bags, handbags, plush - headbands, with polka dots and the flag of Spain.

Handbags , carrycots , fanny packs and special handbags for the Pilgrimage and the Fair, with bright and bright colours, in red, blue, yellow, white, fuchsia, black and pink cape, with dots and polka dots.

Plush headbands of all kinds, with polka dots, flowers, festive fabrics, ideal for ceremonies, parties, fairs and to wear at any time with your best flamenco dress, or simply to go out for a walk or have dinner.

Leather shoulder bags with the flag of Spain also for men or women, there are more masculine and unisex ones, for all tastes. In leather and split leather. With adjustable and interchangeable handle, plain or with the Spanish flag.

We also have bow ties with greyhound and ladybug prints , bow-shaped neck ornaments for women's shirts, and brooches with diamonds and the Spanish flag.

The flamenco bags for pilgrimages and fairs are ideal for any time of the year, not only on vacation dates and festive events, for day to day they are also a perfect complement. Combine them with your best party outfit or with casual daily clothes, imagine your flamenco bag with jeans and heels, you will break the mold and attract attention wherever you go.

The flamenco bags for pilgrimages and fairs from La Flamenca de Borgoña will always be your ideal complement for all the special occasions that present themselves in your life from now on.

How do I put on the rociero bag?

Rocieros bags come with or without a strap, but always with a space at the back to pass the belt. The belt is used to put it on the waist like a fanny pack and be as comfortable as possible during the pilgrimage. The fanny pack bags are very practical for storing small necessary and essential things, such as your mobile phone or keys. The rociero bag is a small bag, and we only put the essential things, to go light and not overloaded with too many objects.

The rociero bag can also be placed on the saddle of our horse to ride like an Amazon. Thus, our rociero bag easily becomes another accessory that our saddle wears.

Have not you decided yet? Write us by WhatsApp at 698800645 and we will help you choose the best option, both for you and as a gift.

Our rocieros bags for the pilgrimage are the best option.

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