LaFlamencadeBorgoña Atentado yihadista en Algeciras

Jihadist assassinates Sacristán in Algeciras

The lives of Christians also matter, "Christian lives matter"

It seems we have reached a point where in this society we have to remember that WHITE lives matter too, UNBORN lives matter too, and CHRISTIAN lives matter too.

The new policies, the 2030 agenda, goodness, dropping our pants with neighboring countries that are flooded with millions of euros from the Spanish, have led us to a decline.

Not only to a decline as a nation, but also morally and as a society.

Spain was a great nation, feared, loved and respected by all. But there are those who insist on sinking it day after day, and worst of all, we Spaniards are allowing it.

They pit us against each other with right and left, rich and poor, women and men, they put pure garbage in the media to keep us distracted, while they continue to dismantle our democracy.

That democracy for which our grandparents fought in the past. The one they died for, the one they fought for, the one they worked endlessly to build and give the best to us.

What will remain of it for our children and grandchildren?

They are not only attacking Christians, they are directly attacking our beliefs, our culture, our traditions, our way of life.

And worst of all, is that not only does the enemy come from outside, but we also have it within our institutions.

By Patricia Munoz
Director of La Flamenca de Borgoña
Spanish fashion brand and patriot

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