Amigo Invisible 2023 Bandera España La Flamenca de Borgoña

Invisible friend

Oh! the invisible friend brings us so many headaches these days...

Don't worry, we have many ideas so you don't have to bother going shopping and your pocket doesn't suffer so much. Gift ideas for much less than you think and that arrive at your doorstep. In these days where everything is in a hurry and queues, what better than saving all that and having gifts arrive at your door.

At Flamenca de Borgoña we know that there are still many patriots who are wanting to have the most elegant bracelets on the market to proudly wear the Flag of Spain, so don't delay and fill your cart for all those invisible Friends that you have pending. And if you want to save some more eurillo, look at our packs that the same thing later you can separate them and you have the perfect gift for a couple of invisible friends.

You will not say that we do not make it easy for you, anticipate and do not wait until the last minute that you run out of the best details for the Invisible Santa this Christmas.

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